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At the MotoCentric lab, our goal is to push all of our products to the absolute limit during testing; breaking point if possible. Why? For us, the goal of testing is not simply to confirm that our products pass third-party regulations, or even our own, thorough and rigorous internal standards. The more important purpose is to make stronger, more durable products by learning when, how and why failures occur. This testing is done in real life situations as well as back in our development facility. That is why MotoCentric offers a “Lifetime Warranty" on numerous items in their product line. You can also be sure that every product has been made by the highest quality materials and is full of essential functions. Please take a look below and view some of the high-quality materials and product features which are incorporated into MotoCentric products.

The Concept of Form Plus Function - The heart of MotoCentic's product development focuses on the concept of form plus function through innovative technological solutions. Through extensive research and constant technological testing, we have developed innovative fabrication processes and abilities that can be used in a wide variety of products.


Only the Best - MotoCentric's dedication in producing the ultimate high quality products is fueled by the use of using only the best materials namely Maxtura™ as their main outershell and Reflect-A-Light™ for reflective. At MotoCentric we are constantly seeking out new and innovative materials and accessories to fuel the ongoing development of our products.

MAXTURA® - High Performance Fabric (www.maxtura.com)

Reflect-A-Light® - Reflective Fabric (www.reflectalight.com)


The New Evolution - Fueling on design, innovation and success in development stages, MotoCentric seeks to set new standards in the marketplace with its extensive range of product groups to appeal to various group of riders. Below are some examples of specialized technology that have been developed by MotoCentric.

MotoCentric® Product Features