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Check out our line of Motorcycle Covers, we offer different styles to suit your variant needs. Whether you are looking for covers for indoor or outdoor storage MotoCentric has the cover for you. We use the highest quality materials for our covers as well as making sure our styling and fit is perfect. All of our covers also comes with our "MotoCentric Warranty".

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Motorcycle Covers / Motorbike Covers by MotoCentric

Next to safety, a rider’s top priority is to keep his investment in tip-top condition. An uncovered bike welcomes prying eyes of thieves. If they can't see what it is, thieves will likely pass up your covered bike in favor of something they can more readily access. To avoid unwanted incidents and to preserve your motorcycle’s value and increase its resale value, one must invest in high quality MotoCentric motorcycle cover. MotoCentric manufactures motorcycle covers made of a variety of waterproof and breathable materials and have various styles and sizes tailor-suited to fit your motorcycle. UV protection, as well as non-scratching liners and rust inhibitors are some of the advanced features that MotoCentric motorcycle covers offer. MotoCentric stocks covers which light in weight that you can easily pack and bring them where ever you travel, as well as sturdy outdoor covers which creates a virtual garage for your motorcycle complete with heat shields; venting and a waterproof surface.

At MotoCentric, we offer a full line of motorcycle covers. Whether you garage your ride, or park outside, there is a MotoCentric motorcycle cover for you. We carry heavy duty PVC motorcycle covers, water resistant motorcycle covers and waterproof motorcycle covers. All MotoCentric motorcycle covers come with a lifetime warranty. For the very best in motorcycle covers, look for MotoCentric motorcycle covers.